Friday, June 15, 2012

Power of Dividend Growth

One great reason to invest in companies with growing dividends is the powerful effect they can have on your income.

One way of looking at stocks is what you are getting as a dividend yield on the original purchase price.

For Bank of Montreal (TSX-BMO), after some 29 years, I am getting a yield of almost 40% on my original investment. For this bank, my income is up 571%. That is the dividend has grown at the rate of 6.2% per year. BMO was one of the first stocks for me to buy.

For Fortis (TSX-FTS) after 24 years, I am getting a yield of almost 26% on my original investment. My dividend income on this stock has grown 269%. My income from this stock has grown at the rate of 7.9% per year.

Another favourite stock of mine, which is another bank, is Royal Bank (TSX-RY). I have had this stock for around 17 years. I am getting 31% dividend yield on my original investment. My dividend income has increased by 660% since I bought this stock. The increase in income from this stock is 12.6% per year.

I realize that these figures are not taking in inflation over the years, but they do illustrate the power of increasing dividends.

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  1. Great post! Problem being, while investing in blue chips paying low dividend, without knowing nothing, the first taught is: why should I invest in blue chips if its just to get a tiny little dividend of less than 5%?

    When I first invested in CNR, that's the idea that came to my mind. But than, you comment with something similar of what you describe in this post.

    For young investors, I think its something they won't catch by themselves. Need to be tell by Susan to understand!

    I recently have Agrium that increase its dividend.

    I think the effects will result on the long term.

    Very interesting post!