Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Global Warming Religion

I am called a Denier (i.e. a Global Warming Denier). It is not because I do not believe that our climate is changing and the world climate is getting warmer. I do believe that the world's climate is getting warmer. It is not because I do not believe we should get off oil, because I believe we should. I also believe that we will. I do not know when, but it will come.

I do believe we must stop polluting our environment. I also have hope that we will clean up our environment and do better by our environment than we have in the past. I believe that we have made great strides in the Western world towards clean up the mess we have made with our natural environment.

The problem, you see, is that I wonder, philosophically, how much humans are really in charge of anything. I wonder how much natural forces are contributing to our warning climate. I do not swallow wholesale everything preached by the Global Warming Religion and therefore, I am accused of being a Global Warmer Denier.

I agree that we do have some influence. We can certainly do some great damage to our environment. We have torn up great forests and killed off many land animals. We are responsible for huge changes to our oceans as we have killed off and devastated whole species of fish.

There has been a tremendous growth in population. In 1800 there was 1 billion and today there are 7 billion. I am just reading a history of the US and the author reckoned there were around 3M people in the US at the time of the revolution. There are some 314M today.

It is not like our climate has not been warm (Roman Warm Period, Medieval Warm Period) or cool (Dark Ages, Little Ice Age) in the past. So, we have gone from Roman Warm Period to Dark Ages (cool) to Medieval Warm Period to Little Ice Age, but all weather changes that are now occurring is our fault. There is no possibility of any natural causes?

Does all this not sound like the over tones of religion?

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