Thursday, September 5, 2013

PEG Ratio

Someone who follows my blogs asked a question the other day. She was wondering if my Price/Graham Price Ratio was the same as the PEG ratio. It is very different.

The PEG Ratio is the Price/Earnings to Growth Ratio or P/E ratio/Annual EPS Growth. The lower the PEG Ratio is the better the stock price. A fairly priced stock should have a PEG at 1.

For example with Badger, I can calculate both a Trailing or Historical and a forward or future PEG Ratio. For Badger Daylighting Ltd (TSX-BAD, OTC-BADFF), I can calculate the PEG.

The Trailing or Historical PEG would be 2.03 (18.78/9.23) which is the current P/E of 18.78 divided by the 5 year growth in EPS at 9.23%. I can also use the 5 year running average growth over 5 years which is 10.33 and gets us the PEG Ratio of 1.82.

The Forward or Future PEG Ratio would be using the anticipated EPS growth for 2013 of 22.82% and this would give us a PEG of 0.82 (18.78/22.82). You could also use the average of next 3 years of growth and dividend 18.78 by averaging the growth rates of 22.82%, 17.23% and 4.32% for a PEG Ratio of 1.27.

The P/E Ratio I was using of 18.78 is based on a stock price of $55.60 and 2013 earnings estimate of $2.96. This is the forward P/E Ratio. You could also use the Trailing P/E of 23.07 which is based on a stock price of $55.60 and 2012 earnings of $2.41. For a Trailing P/E you could also use the one based on EPS over last 12 months to most recent report of June 2013, which is $2.61. The EPS here is 21.30 based on Stock Price of $55.60 and EPS of $2.61.

Check out information on this ratio at Investopedia. This is generally a good site to get information on all the ratios that are used for stocks. There is also an article on Wikipedia on this subject. I used Google to search these sites. The search engine, especially the Wikipedia one is not nearly as good as Google.

I will talk about the Graham Price or Number in another post.

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