Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Ontario Elections 2

Because I am unsure of who to vote for, I decided to see who was running in my riding of University-Rosedale. This is a new riding created in 2012.

Gilliam Smith is the Conservative candidate for my rider. On her site there was a video by Gillian Smith that I found quite good and helpful in understanding this candidate. I think that the video was effective. You get insight into this candidate and why I should vote for her. One thing I did like was that she supports investment in Toronto Transit. However, voting for her is voting for Doug Ford.

I looked at Doug MacLeod’s website. He has an agenda that is fine. However, what I was looking for was a reason why I should vote for him as an independent. Being an independent to me means that he would have little say in the policies of any party. But, he is an alternative to the other candidates and a way to not vote for Doug Ford or Kathleen Wynne.

Jo-Ann Davis is the liberal candidate for my riding. Her sites points to an education debate she had with the NDP candidate. She blames Harris for the problems with the educational system in Ontario. For her to still blame Harris for problems after the Liberals have been in power since 2003 seems silly to me. I was not impressed.

Jessica Bell is the NDP candidate for my riding. Her site says little about her and there is no video. She basically points to the NDP platform of Andrea Horwath. I did not gain any insight into her at all.

Given the other candidates running of Andrea Horwath and Doug Ford, Kathleen Wynne no longer looks that bad as Premier of Ontario. Andrea Horwath is going to run up debt and lots of it. Upping tax on the rich generally does not lead to the collection of more tax money. I have no idea what Doug Ford will do. I would have voted for Christine Elliot.

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