Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Rogers and Best Buy

I got my computer back from the computer shop, but it had a new hard drive because my old one was damaged. I am just catching up now having spent the day loading my software into my computer. The shop I use is 3P Computer on the Danforth.

I have a Rogers pay as you go phone. It has worked well considering I only pay $10 a month for it. I tend not to use a phone much but when I had a cottage I was worried about the last leg of the journey which was on Highway 41 which had very little traffic. Someone told me about pay as you go phones and I got Rogers as it was the only one covering my cottage area. It was a good experience getting it through a company called Telephone Booth in the Eaton’s Center.

However, my phone was really dated and I could hardly hear anyone who called. I decided to upgrade to a smart or at least semi-smart phone. Rogers on the phone said to go to a Rogers Store and they would sell me a phone and give me a sim card and set everything up with Rogers. I went to the store on Yonge and was told I needed to go to Best Buy.

At Best Buy, I was told that they could only sell me a phone and the only one I could get was a Samsung Galaxy J1. They said that I had to go to a Rogers store to get a sim card put into my phone. At Best Buy I have never met a clerk before who was so disinterested in his job. I have met rude clerks, but he was not rude just totally disinterested.

A totally disinterested clerk is very stupid at Best Buy. I may not be a phone person, but I am a computer person. I pay a lot when I buy a new computer with lots of software. I would think twice about going back to Best Buy for anything.

I went to a Rogers store in the Eaton’s center and the clerk told me that she could only give me a sim card. I would have to contact Rogers at 1 866 764 3771. I would have to put the sim card in myself and power up the battery. I phoned the number and all it could do was to put money on my card or hang up. She also pointed to the code on the sim card I was to use to get my phone working with my wireless phone number. Apparently the number she pointed out was the wrong one to use.

So my experience in Rogers stores is a bust also. They were basically useless. I finally had to get help from my son to get the sim card into the phone. It may seem more obvious to people who had done this before, but it was anything but obvious to me.

I went on Rogers site to see if there was another number to call. I came across a Live Chat thingy for wireless technical support. I have had good results before with Rogers Live Chats so I decided to use it. On Live Chat there was a very nice lady from Moncton who answered my questions and got my new phone working with the new sim card. So that worked out fine.

It would be helpful if Rogers had gotten their stories straight. My personal belief is that if you want to sell a product you make it easy for people. Instead I really got the run around with Rogers telling to go to a Rogers store and the Rogers store telling me that Best Buy can sell me a phone and set it up for me. Then Best Buy telling me I could only buy a phone and I need to go to a Rogers store for the sim card and the Rogers store telling me I had to put in my own sim card and phone a number that seemed to be wrong. This is not an experience I would want to repeat anytime soon.

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