Monday, May 6, 2013

Best Spell Checker

I am an absolute atrocious speller. If you cannot get the first 3 letters of a word you will never find it in a dictionary. I used to use a word list book to find a word that I wanted to use. Now I use Google Search. At least Word will tell me when I have an incorrectly spelt word. It seldom gives a suggestion.

Google Search is so much better at trying to figure out what I am trying to spell. Not only that, but Google Search will spell things in context. So if you give it a few words in the sentence around what you are trying to spell, it will get the right word.

It would help if I pronounced words properly. I think that is my main problem. People think I have an accent, but I am just not pronouncing words correctly. I get close, but close does not help in spelling. We all have our faults; you just cannot let them slow you down. I have given lots of talks on specialized subjects as I used to work in IT.

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