Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Income and Portfolio Building

Looking over the built up of my portfolio I can see how important income generated by my investments were. Of course, when I was starting to build my portfolio, interest rates were quite high. Interest rates peaked at just over 19%. I had stocks also, but the real money was in interest. I had some bonds, GICs and mortgage mutual funds.

Even as recent as the early 1990's you could get GICs with 10% plus interest rates. However, times have changed. The place to make income today is in dividend growth companies. I have talked about this a number of times and looked at Dividend Yields on Original Investments. Nothing beats Canadian Banks on good yields and good growth in dividends.

If you have a company which is increasing their dividends, one way of looking at what you are earning is to determine what your yield is on your original investment money. I expect that most of my income will come from such stocks now and into the future still.

I do not currently expect much for capital gains as we are in a secular bear market and this will be around for a while. It is like the 1970's when the stock market just seem to only go sideways for a long time.

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